Winner Campaign

Award Winning 

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Find an example of an award winning campaign and discuss the following:  

a)  Did the campaign affect consumer behaviour in a sustainable, ongoing way?  

According to K-message ( or key message), Marlboro Man was an incredibly successful campaign from the very beginning which had a direct impact on sales. Within one year Marlboro’s niche brand market share increased from 1% to top 4 cigarette brands in the U.S market. By 1972, Marlboro was the most popular cigarettes brand, and it holds this position since then.

b)  Name the key elements that make the campaign award winning.  

Originally targeted to women, in late 1950’s Philip Morris decided to target a more lucrative audience, men. By understanding and recognising the new target audience, the packaging was changed to fresh, innovative hard cardboard flip-top opened box appealing to to men who wanted to protect their cigarettes in rough conditions.

K-message, by using scientific approach determines 3 psychological interpretations behind the success of Marlboro Man campaign;

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  • Marlboro’s advertising agency used archetypal masculine characters to represent the brand that would appeal to the target audience. Cowboy from Marlboro County is an exemplification of the Jungian archetype.
  • Use of strong visual semiotics, Marlboro man uses masculinity and values connected to it such as reason, independence,  and egoism. Visuals evolved as times changed to embrace bigger audience.
  • Implementing the Savanna Principle, imagery that impacts human reaction in the same way as it would trigger a reaction of human in the stone age. Marlboro’s ad agency used natural environment making the Marlboro County an attractive place and the natural need to discover it.



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